Easy Way to Uninstall PC Port Forwarding (64-bit)

From Verigio Communications:

Make any of your programs to communicate via TCP/UDP ports you want. PC-Port-Forwarding performs everything on a Windows PC without any additional hardware or complicated setups of various components. This application does everything automatically with the best performance and intuitive user interface.

The port translation functionality is similar to the network address translation (NAT) except that it performs translation of only the port numbers. It is sometimes called a network port translation or a port forwarding. To illustrate the concept, two computers on the Internet that communicate with each other using TCP/IP or UDP/IP protocols utilize ports to identify the opposite connection points of each other where the data packets supposed to go to. In order to communicate, each computer knows the port of another computer (in addition to IP address) and sends data to that port. The PC-Port-Forwarding translates these ports in such a way that when one computer sends data to the specific port of another computer, the data is actually sent to a different port. This translation of ports is performed transparently for all applications. So, the applications don't even notice that such translation ever occurred. In addition to port translation, PC-Port-Forwarding can perform traffic reflection, but only for the outgoing traffic. Which is when an application on the local computer is sending data to a remote server, PC-Port-Forwarding translates ports and loops all the data back to another port on the local computer that was specified by the user in the rules. The application that sends the data can be talking to another application on the same local computer while believing it communicates with the remote server.

What's new in this version:

Fixed condition that treated "reboot required" after driver install as an error. Added support for Windows Server 2008 R2 by disabling notifications. Extended license expiration date. License expiration date is October 1, 2014.


Method 1: Uninstall PC Port Forwarding (64-bit) by Windows Control Panel

This is the most common method to uninstall a game on Windows base computers and it is also very simple.
1. If you have opened the game, you should end the game in Windows Task Manager before you run the un-installation.
To start the Task Manager on Window 7: right click on the taskbar and then select Start Task Manager.


2. Click on the Start button in the left hand corner of your desktop to find the Control Panel menu. Double click on the Control Panel tab to open it and then choose Add or Remove Programs or Uninstall a Program (Depend on your operating system).


3. Find out PC Port Forwarding (64-bit) in the list, and choose Remove or Uninstall in the drop-down list.


4. Follow the on screen instruction to finish the process.
5. Restart your computer if necessary.

Video Show: compeletly Uninstall a program

Methods 2: Uninstall PC Port Forwarding (64-bit) with the built-in installer tool (not available for some games).

Most games would contain a built-in tool for you to install or uninstall the game easily. You could find the tool in the folder where the game has been installed in.
1. If you have added the game to the Start menu, you can find directory of the game in All programs and you just need to choose the option of Uninstall PC Port Forwarding (64-bit).
2. If you cannot find the game in All programs, go to the folder where you keep the game, find the Uninst executable program and then follow the instruction to remove the game.
3. It is recommended to restart your computer after the un-installation finishes.

Tip: Download: PC Port Forwarding (64-bit) Removal Tool (Tested Malware & Virus Free by McAfee?)

As we all know that sometimes some applications do not appear in the control panel when we want to uninstall them or some applications though claimed to have gone from the control panel, still pups up when we turn on the computer. And most of the time, we can see its directory on my computer, but worried to delete it there for the worry that they will leave down some leftover files or registry items which will make it worst. This will be very annoyed.But with Help Uninstaller,this kind of problem will be solved immediately.

According to some particular reasons,though some programs have gone from the Add/Remove Program list,they still function when we reboot our computer. This kind of leftover files/registry will prevent us to reinstall the program or worst they will mess up our system so that it is impossible for us to log on our system.

Following the instructions above, you can manually uninstall the PC Port Forwarding (64-bit). However, the process is simple, and you might fail easily. Although you are extremely careful, the removal would mess up with other program on the computer easily. Therefore, it is highly recommended users to use a third party uninstall tool to run a clean removal. A professional uninstall tool would uninstall any unwanted program quickly and completely.

Help Uninstaller, with advanced technology, is professional in uninstalling unwanted programs. It is highly recommended for you to use it to uninstall DivX Plus Software automatically. After using it, you will find that PC Port Forwarding (64-bit), its files and registry entries included, have been uninstalled completely.

What Help Uninstaller can do for you ?

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How to Force Uninstall PC Port Forwarding (64-bit) Using Uninstall Tools?

This guide explains a way of completely removing PC Port Forwarding (64-bit) programs. You may need the removal tool if the PC Port Forwarding (64-bit) came with the product fails. A Help Uninstaller is a third party removal utility that is specially created for eliminating useless but tough PC Port Forwarding (64-bit) on user's system with auto means and scanning technique available. Once Help Uninstaller is running, all pieces of PC Port Forwarding (64-bit) will have their farewell from your computer in a few clicks! Just try it now, it won't let you down!

Tips to uninstall the program:

1. Please download and install Help Uninstaller to your desktop


2. Close all programs and double click on the tool.

3. Navigate to PC Port Forwarding (64-bit) in the list


4. Click on "Uninstall" button


5. Follow the on-screen instructions

6. Restart the computer if asked

Video Show: How to Uninstall a program with a professional uninstaller

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