How to Uninstall Windows NT 4.0 "Winsock Mutex" Vulnerability Patch Easily

From Microsoft:

This patch eliminates a security vulnerability in Windows NT 4.0. The vulnerability could allow a malicious user to run a special program to disable an affected computer's network functionality. Like all other objects under Windows NT 4.0, mutexes--synchronization objects that govern access to resources--have permissions associated with them that govern how they can be accessed. However, a particular mutex used to govern access to a networking resource has inappropriately loose permissions. This could enable an attacker who had the ability to run code on a local machine to monopolize the mutex, thereby preventing any other processes from using the resource that it controlled. This would have the effect of preventing the machine from participating in the network.

The attacker would require interactive logon access to the affected machine. This significantly limits the scope of the vulnerability because, if normal security recommendations have been followed, unprivileged users will not be granted interactive logon rights to critical machines such as servers. Unprivileged users typically are granted interactive logon rights to workstations and terminal servers. However, a workstation would not be a tempting target for an attacker, because he could only use this vulnerability to deny service to himself. The machines most likely to be affected would be terminal servers.


Under normal circumstances, you can easily uninstall the Windows NT 4.0 "Winsock Mutex" Vulnerability Patch using the Windows control panel.

Windows XP

Exit Windows NT 4.0 "Winsock Mutex" Vulnerability Patch.
From the "Start" menu in Windows, select "Control Panel"


Select "Add/Remove Programs"


Select the program with the Ask logo and the text "Windows NT 4.0 "Winsock Mutex" Vulnerability Patch" (or our partner's brand for a custom Toolbar)
Click "Change/Remove"


Video Show: compeletly Uninstall a program

Windows Vista and Windows 7

Exit Windows NT 4.0 "Winsock Mutex" Vulnerability Patch.
From the "Start" menu in Windows, select "Control Panel". Under the "Programs" icon, select "Uninstall a program".


Select the program and the text "Windows NT 4.0 "Winsock Mutex" Vulnerability Patch".
Click "Uninstall" and then "Continue" to remove the program.

Tip: Download: Windows NT 4.0 "Winsock Mutex" Vulnerability Patch Removal Tool (Tested Malware & Virus Free by McAfee?)

Install and uninstall software repeatedly is often the case to end users nowadays. However, to uninstall software is not always as easy as to install it. Sometimes Add/Remove Programs within Windows System can't remove programs completely, especially for some stubborn software. You don't know why error messages keep popping up and wonder what's wrong with the uninstallation. Now what?

Actually, installing a certain program may cause the operating system to change in a big way, involving dozens even hundreds of megabytes of files copying, installing and registry keys modifying. Usually Windows Add/Remove program can remove the major part of a certain program but some files and registry entries were left. The remnants of programs may not only cause subsequent uninstall or reinstall attempts to fail. When they become very large, they will take up disk space and your computer's performance will be decayed and unstable. So when removing program, always keep removing all of its files and registry entries.

The above method is supposed to uninstall Windows NT 4.0 "Winsock Mutex" Vulnerability Patch from your computer. However, sometimes a tiny mistake will make this simple process become a disaster. It may involve editing the actual Windows registry and would bring you many troubles. Moreover, the removal may mess up with other program on the computer. Therefore, it is highly recommended users to run a clean removal with professional and reliable uninstall tools.

As one of the most powerful uninstall tool, Help Uninstaller can uninstall any unwanted program quickly and completely. A very useful feature of Help Uninstaller they can force uninstall these hidden applications.

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Display detailed information of a certain application installed on your computer.
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How to Force Uninstall Windows NT 4.0 "Winsock Mutex" Vulnerability Patch Using Uninstall Tools?

1. Reboot your computer to enter the Safe Mode. You can press F8 when the Windows is booting up and select Safe Mode.


2. Start the Help Uninstaller, find Windows NT 4.0 "Winsock Mutex" Vulnerability Patch in the display list, and then choose Force Uninstall.



3. There will be a pop-up window recommends you to try Uninstall function first, just click OK to skip it.

4. Navigate the path of Windows NT 4.0 "Winsock Mutex" Vulnerability Patch, and then click Next.

5. Help Uninstaller will scan your system to find all Windows NT 4.0 "Winsock Mutex" Vulnerability Patch related files. When the Help Uninstaller has found out every file, click Next to begin the removal.


6. Follow the on screen instructions to finish the removal.

Defrag After Windows NT 4.0 "Winsock Mutex" Vulnerability Patch Removal

As what has been said in the preceding paragraphs that a good deal of caches would be loaded in local disk. And usually they are scattered around. It is time consuming to clean them up. Therefore defrag after Windows NT 4.0 "Winsock Mutex" Vulnerability Patch¡¯s removal is required. Here's the video to show how:

Video Show: Defragmenter