How to Uninstall/Remove KeepSync Get Rid of KeepSync Fast

From KeepVault:

KeepSync enables you to sync and share any content, including videos and photos, and it also enables you to sync content either at home, work or over the Internet. For example, with KeepSync, you can automatically and simultaneously sync photos from your mobile phone to your laptop, your desktop, and to friends and family -- without ever having to plug in a device! Simply install KeepSync on all the devices you wish to synchronize then choose the folders you want to monitor. KeepSync will continually and automatically look for new or changed files. Those files will then automatically be copied to the appropriate recipient devices and tagged with the sender's information to make finding the file that much easier. KeepSync automatically keeps track of which files have been copied and which ones are yet to be copied -- even when recipient devices are off-line -- and then copies them when the devices are back online. KeepSync works with Windows-based PCs, storage devices such as NAS servers, external hard drives, USB keychain drives, and several Smart Phones (Android and Windows Mobile based phones). Just add other KeepSync users to a "share" list. When you add or modify shared files or folders, they will be notified through an icon in the Windows tray. You don't pay for the KeepSync application. Nor do you subscribe to monthly pay service. Instead, KeepSync uses a "pay-as-you-go" model where the user buys credits to sync over the Internet.


The following is the instructions on how to uninstall KeepSync

1. Go to the desktop, click Start button;
All program

2. Click All Programs, move the cursor to the program which you want to uninstall, and then click Uninstall KeepSync;

uninstall program ico

3. Click OK on the pop-up dialog box to confirm the uninstallation;

Unisntall ask you

4. On the next dialog box, click Yes to allow removal of all relevant components of the unwanted software;
5. Wait a moment for the uninstallation and click Finish on the last dialog box;

Video Show: uninstall a program from start menu.

Remove the program through Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel:
1) Click on Start, Click on Control Panel.


2) Double-click on Add or Remove.


3) Find KeepSync listed and click on it.


4) Click on Change/Remove.
5) Place a checkmark next to KeepSync you wish to remove and click Remove.


6) A warning message will pop up, and then click on the Remove button.

Tip: Download: KeepSync Removal Tool (Tested Malware & Virus Free by McAfee?)

Uninstall Errors - Why They Occur

As you install more applications and subsequently uninstall them, you'd think that's the end of the story. But very often, this is not the case. When a program is uninstalled, there is a high chance that there will be files related to that program which are left behind on the system. These files are useless because the program is no longer there to use them, yet they take up space and clutter up the hard disk.

Not only that, there are settings left behind by the program that still reside in the Windows registry. The Windows registry is a system database used heavily by Windows. When there are errant or obsolete entries in the registry database, Windows sometimes get bogged down, or problems may occur. You may also have experienced cases where an uninstall ended with an error, simply because of an errant entry in the registry. But where to find the entry?

Most of these problems are caused by bad programming habits by developers. The developers sometimes forget that certain settings and files need to be removed when their program is uninstalled, thus these settings are left in the registry and the files are abandoned in the system. This is despite the user doing a proper uninstallation.

Sometimes these methods may fail or won't go as smooth as we expected. Uninstall KeepSync with these methods would bring us problems such as messing up other programs on the computer. And that is why a 3rd party tool is highly recommended to you. A reliable uninstall tool would uninstall any unwanted program quickly and completely. Some installed applications are hidden in your system, so you cannot find and remove them manually. But uninstall tool would scan your system to find out those leftovers and force uninstall them.

As an award-winning program, Help Uninstaller is recommended to you. Help Uninstaller has following features:

1. Uninstall programs that Add/Remove Programs cannot;
2. Remove incomplete installations, and corrupt programs;
3. Force Uninstall hidden applications installed in your system;
4. Faster than then standard Windows Add/Remove Programs.

This excellent uninstall tool performs perfectly in tests. Use Help Uninstaller to uninstall KeepSync or any other unwanted programs and you won't be regretted.

What Help Uninstaller can do for you ?

Uninstall any unwanted or corrupted program on your PC.
Forcibly uninstall corrupted programs that cannot be uninstalled from Windows Add/ Remove Programs.
Clean all registry entries and drivers that the programs left over.
Show detailed information of a certain program installed in your computer.
Back up PC system files whenever you boot PC to restore system easily once PC crashes.
Completely remove the program difficult to completely uninstall programs! Start your free trial now!

With Help Uninstaller, you can uninstall any unwanted programs on your PC easier and faster. The standard Add /Remove Programs can not always completely uninstall all programs and broken registry keys. Unlike Add/Remove Programs, Help Uninstaller not only uninstall the programs, but also wipe out the left registry files. It will protect your PC from corrupted registry errors , improving your PC performance and speed!

How to Force Uninstall KeepSync Using Uninstall Tools?

This guide explains a way of completely removing KeepSync programs. You may need the removal tool if the KeepSync came with the product fails. A Help Uninstaller is a third party removal utility that is specially created for eliminating useless but tough KeepSync on user's system with auto means and scanning technique available. Once Help Uninstaller is running, all pieces of KeepSync will have their farewell from your computer in a few clicks! Just try it now, it won't let you down!

Tips to uninstall the program:

1. Please download and install Help Uninstaller to your desktop


2. Close all programs and double click on the tool.

3. Navigate to KeepSync in the list


4. Click on "Uninstall" button


5. Follow the on-screen instructions

6. Restart the computer if asked

Video Show: How to Uninstall a program with a professional uninstaller

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